A KILLER Bodyweight Circuit Routine You Can Do At Home For An Amazing Total Body Workout!

Don’t won’t to go to the gym? Don’t want to spend a fortune on fitness equipment and have it take up a lot of space in your house? BUT… you still want to exercise and get an amazing workout at home? Sounds impossible? Well, it isn’t! You can still get a great workout at home without needing to go to the gym!

In this article here I’m going to show you a quick 6 part bodyweight circuit routine that you can do right at home. All you need is enough space for you to move around comfortably, a bottle of water, a towel (you WILL be sweating), and some motivating music if you want to!

Alright? Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Run in place with high knees for 30 seconds. For this workout, you simple run in place as fast as you can, but what you want to do is lift your knees as high as you can with each stride. Do this for 30 seconds. The simplest to do, but one of the most intense cardio workouts!

2. Do 10 push-ups. If you are beginner, modify them by doing them on your knees. The key here is to make sure that you keep proper form (hands shoulder width apart, back straight, and slow movements). Great age-old upper body workout!

3. Do 20 mountain climbers. With mountain climbers, you simply get in the push up position (which will obviously be easy since you just did push ups), and then you bring your knees to your chest in an alternating pattern. To make it more intense, bring your knees to your chest in a fast pace. Great core workout and cardio routine.

4. Do a plank for 30 seconds. This will again be a simple transition since a plank is started in a push up position, and with this step you would have just gotten done doing mountain climbers. So, from your mountain climber position, go back into a push up position, but this time bring your elbows down to the ground but still keep yourself elevated. All you want to do here is just maintain this plank position for 30 seconds. This is a killer core workout!

5. Do 20 body weight squats. Stand up, put your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Squat down (keep your head up, make sure your knees do not go past your toes, and stick your butt out as if you were about to sit down), and repeat this 20 times for an awesome lower body workout.

6. Finish off by running in place again with high knees for 30 seconds.

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat the circuit 4 times for sweat busting KILLER workout!

As always, warm up before you workout (i.e. jumping jacks), stretch after your workout (static stretches), and if you have any medical conditions, please consult your physician prior to starting a workout (even for a simple bodyweight circuit routine).

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