Functional Ways To Burn 500 Calories Instantly!

Want to burn 500 calories fast and easy? Continue reading for functional ways you can get rid of stubborn calories!

If you are reading this article, then you are probably somebody who loves to work out. You probably swim, or run, or go to gym everyday because you want results, and you want them fast! Or you just want to maintain your already perfect-sculpted body. There are no problems with that. But doing the same routine sometime gets old. With these new work outs, you can get the results you want fast while saving the daily trips to gym.

Ditch the treadmill!

Run outside for 30 minutes! Running outdoors gets you out in the fresh air and experiencing different and inspiring scenery. Warm-up for up to 3 minutes. Then begin advancing your speed, run for another 3 minutes, then run faster for about a minute and a half, then get back to running on the moderate speed. Do this cycle until your 30 minutes are up. Make sure to rest whenever you feel like you need to.

Burn rubber (rubber tires, that is)!

Cycling for 35 minutes indoors, or outdoors helps a lot when it comes to burning calories. Cycling while running errands is another efficient way of functional training. You can do this little variation while you’re on your bike on the way to friends house, or on the way to the lake. It also gives great results for your lower-body. Do a quick 3 to three and half minute warm-up, pedal fast with light resistance. Then do a 4 minute seated then standing climb. Then do light sprints, speed up your pedals and drop your resistance for about another 4 minutes. Repeat all these steps until you’ve done it for 35 minutes!

Hang-on to that rope!

Yes, I meant jump-rope. Do 100-450 repetitions of jump-rope. An efficient way to do this is to play with your little sibling or your kids while they are jumping ropes too. I see a lot of kids nowadays who are fond of jump-ropes and hula-hoops. Playing with the hula hoops are also great means of losing weight and slimming your waist, just watch your back for signs of overdoing it!

You never thought losing weight and doing more at the same time is possible, didn’t you? Well now that you know it is, you might want to try this out. These are just some of the efficient ways to burn some calories. Can you think of other ways to do work-outs functionally? Share your thoughts with us on your favorites!

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