How To Get Into Shape If You Are Skinny Fat!

There are many people who want to lose weight around the world, but many of them also have different specific goals. Some are extremely obese and need to lose weight in general to get into the healthy weight range so that their chances of health risks are lowered. There are others who just want to lose a pound or two. Then there are others who are in between, otherwise known as the skinny fat people. You probably can identify yourself if you are one of them. Skinny fat people are those who look skinny in clothes, but have absolutely no muscle definition underneath their clothes, and may even have a chubby looking stomach.

Usually, these are the people whom others usually commend for keeping in shape, but they know that deep down, they are just making use of their clothing to give off that illusion. When they take off their clothes at the beach, which they usually do not, others may get disappointed. If you are one of these skinny fat people, there is no need to remain as one! In the following article, I share with you some great techniques to get out of your current predicament.

First of all, since you probably have skinny arms, legs and a flabby stomach, it is ideal if you were to perform body weight circuit exercises to build up your lean muscle mass while burning away the fats. This way, you will not need to perform weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises separately; as you will have combined them both into one very powerful workout session!

The best body weight circuit exercises you can perform include push ups, leg raises, pull ups and squats. The way you should perform them will be, as the name suggests, in the form of a circuit. You can do these exercises in any order you so wish, but I recommend performing them in the order which I listed them out.

You should set a fixed number of repetitions for each exercise, such as 10 push ups, 20 leg raises, 5 pull ups and 15 squats. You will do these different exercises with minimal to no rest time between them. After you complete one set, or rather you complete all of them once through, then you can take a slightly longer rest period. After that, you should then complete several more sets of this body weight exercises circuit. You should also increase the intensity of your exercises each and every time you work out by either increasing the number of repetitions or decreasing the rest time.

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