Not Getting Results From Working Out? What’s The Best Thing To Do?

Are you not getting results from working out? Have you done all the basic steps for ensuring success with your workout… such as…

  • Drinking more water while you workout?
  • Warming up before you workout?
  • Making sure you practice proper form with every exercise?
  • Breathing properly during your workout?
  • Avoiding isolation exercises as much as possible?
  • Focusing more on compound movements (exercises that incorporate more than one body part at a time)?
  • Doing cardio after my resistance training?
  • Stretching all of my muscles after my workout is finished.

So… if you do all of those proven effective steps (which will guarantee INCREDIBLE results by the way), why is there still ONE MORE TIP left? Read on to learn more…

You see, when I first started working out, I made a LOT of mistakes… and I’m sure you and many others have made plenty of mistakes as well. These mistakes lead me to not just getting injured, feeling extremely sore, causing issues with my body function (such as having one stronger side and one weaker side), they also lead me to not getting significant results… and getting seriously FRUSTRATED! 😡

What I had to learn (the hard way) is that getting RESULTS is where everything changes for the better. If you are getting results, then you are bound to get more motivated, and you will certainly stay consistent with your fitness.

So, What’s The Best Thing To Do?

Now, here is where I made another crucial mistake that pretty much stopped me from seeing and feeling results from the great amount of time I was exercising throughout the week…

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  • This mistake was I wasn’t working out hard enough to get my body to the “improvement phase”.


What do I mean by that?

Well, the “improvement phase” of exercising is where you exercise to the point where your body has no choice but to improve (this could be more stamina, more strength, more speed, more fat loss, more weight loss, etc.).

In other words I was only exercising to the point where I felt “comfortable”. 10 reps in… and “I’m done”. 1 mile ran… and “I’m done”. Lifting X amount of weight that is in my comfort level… and “I’m done”. Etc. I would walk out of the gym barely sweating and thinking that I did something!

My friend, if you want to get amazing results with fitness, then please learn this lesson that I had to learn the hard way: Improvements ONLY happen when you reach the point of wanting to stop… BUT… you keep moving until you can’t!

When you get to that point in your workout where you feel like stopping… KEEP GOING! When you feel like stopping, your mind is telling you that you have reached your maximum, BUT… your body knows that you still have some left in you… so listen to your body… and KEEP GOING!

A Word Of Warning…

Now, please, for the love of everything beautiful in this world, DO NOT mistaken what I’m saying here. I am not by any means trying to tell you that you should do a workout until the point of injury, and I’m certainly not recommending that you workout hard if you are currently injured or are going through some type of physical therapy. I’m saying that when you exercise, and if you are capable of working out hard (no injuries, no conditions, etc.), then make your exercises more challenging. AMAZING results only happen when you push your body beyond it’s comfort zone… and you leave your workout with some freaking sweat dripping off of you!

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