The Top 5 Fruits for Cleansing and Detoxification

Not only are fruits healthy, but they also add that certain delicious sweetness to any detox food recipe. If you want the best results, here are the top 5 fruits that any cleansing and detoxification diet needs:

Lemons and Limes

These bitter-tasting fruits have antiseptic properties which can help you remove putrefied bacteria from your intestines. Lemons and limes also help your liver, digestion and help you lose weight, according to Whole Body Detox. The reason behind such good effects is the ingredient called liminoid, which is found in both fruits. Detoxification can be most effective by drinking the juice of either with warm water to start your day.


According to Whole Body Detox again, Cranberries are great for detoxification because of their abilities to fend off urinary tract and kidney infections. They are also filled with antioxidants and hippuric acid which acidifies your urine. They also regularize your gastrointestinal area because they are natural probiotics. Eat it regularly for obvious reasons that it is the most detox-friendly fruit, but if it’s not in season, unsweetened Cranberry juice will do.


Apples are nutritional powerhouses. They are a good source of cleaning your liver, gallbladder and colon because they are naturally high in fiber. The United States Nutrient Data Lab says that one apple is packed with goodness in only 81 calories. It contains pectin, a soluble fiber, which helps prevent plaque buildup in your blood vessels. It also contains the insoluble fiber cellulose, which helps your digestive system add bulk to move waste quickly. Apples are also rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium, as well as B-complex Folates and Vitamins A and C.


The Tart Red Cherry is known to reduce inflammation in the body’s joints and is high in antioxidants called Anthocyaninm, which makes it red. A bunch of these cherries can heal you fast and cleanse your joints. They can also heal gout by lowering uric acid and soothing your joints. This helps in reducing oxidative stress, which is created by free radical formation. Cherries also contain beta carotene 19 times that of blueberries and strawberries. Go ahead and eat a lot of cherries.


Figs are high in calcium, potassium, vitamins A, C, E and other vitamins that can cleanse your whole body especially the immune system. They are sweeter than other fruits but as said, high in potassium so they can help control blood pressure. Figs are great to battle the imbalance of hypertension due to a high-sodium-low-potassium diet a lot of people have.

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Donna H. has always been a fan of the healthy lifestyle. Although not a professional, she is considered to be a detoxification and juicing expert. More than a decade ago, Donna started her very first detox diet and has been preaching about the benefits of detox ever since. Her newest book, Detox Diet Foods Demystified is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store. Her recently released detox diet book talks about the basics of detoxification, the different detox superfoods plus a bonus 48-hour detox plan perfect for beginners.

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