Top 5 Diet Myths Debunked

There are so many health food claims today. How do you know what you should eat to be healthy? Read more to find five common diet myths debunked!

1. All saturated fats are bad for you

Not true! Coconut oil is a new found health food. It’s been known to reduce cholesterol, boost metabolism, and decrease abdominal fat. The kind of saturated fat in coconut oil is called lauric acid, a type of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). Have 1-2 tablespoons a day for optimum results.

2. You should never eat after 8pm

This rule should be more for people who spend the night on the couch mindlessly munching on sweets while watching TV. If you get home late, eating isn’t going to make you fat. A calorie is a calorie, no matter what time you eat it. If you do eat at night, try to keep it lighter since having a full belly can keep you up at night.

3. Cutting carbs helps you lose weight

It can also make you feel lousy! Carbs are NECESSARY for energy! Cut out carbs, and you’ll be tired, constipated and irritable. And those are just the short term effects! Long term low carb diets could increase the risk of heart disease and colon cancer. Just like fats, some carbs are better than others. Avoid refined carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, and sugar. Load up on fruits, veggies and whole grains.

4. Diet foods help you lose weight

They can actually do the opposite. Prepackaged diet foods usually have added sugar and trans fats. Ew! They may have less calories, but they definitely aren’t better for you! Have you seen those calorie free peanut butters and syrups? Don’t eat those. Find REAL food and eat that in moderation.

5. Organic = healthy

Have you noticed the increase in organic Oreos and snacks at the grocery store? Yea… that’s a pretty slick marketing ploy to make you think you’re buying something healthy. Tip: If it has some kind of healthy claim on the outside, it probably isn’t so healthy. When was the last time you saw apples or strawberries with all sorts of health claims labeled on them? I didn’t think so. While some fruits and veggies are better organic, avoid a food that claims to be healthier because it’s organic. For a list of fruits and veggies you should buy organic, Google the dirty dozen.

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